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Dr. David M. Pennock's Homepage News: What's New & Noteworthy [Computer Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research Labs, Electronic Commerce, Artificial Intelligence]
What's New & Noteworthy?
Blog Oddhead Blog
I've started a blog called oddhead covering a variety of research topics, with special emphasis on prediction markets and gambling.
Award TR 35
I was named by MIT Technology Review as one of the top 35 technology innovators under age 35 for 2005.
Yahoo! press release  |  TR35 links in My Web
Conference ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'06)
June 11-15 2006, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Tech Buzz GameYahoo!/O'Reilly Tech Buzz Game
The Tech Buzz Game is a fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends. It is a joint research project between Yahoo! Research and O'Reilly Research.
Buzz Game news, blogs, and links in My Web
Workshop Workshop on Sponsored Search Auctions
June 5 2005, Vancouver, BC, Canada. In conjunction with the ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'05)
Workshop DIMACS Workshop on Markets as Predictive Devices (Information Markets)
February 2-4 2005, DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
Colours of Infinity book coverSelf-organization, Self-regulation, and Self-similarity on the Fractal Web, Gary W. Flake and David M. Pennock
Appears in The Colours of Infinity, 2004 [ Amazon | Clearpress, UK ]
This popular science book celebrates the tenth anniversary of the cult classic documentary on fractals by the same name (Colours of Infinity) and the 80th birthday of Benoit Mandelbrot. The book updates the topic of fractals with a modern perspective, including contributions from Mandelbrot, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Prechter, Ian Stuart, and Michael Barsley. Our chapter discusses fractal-like properties and processes on the Web. The book includes a DVD of the complete original documentary, with soundtrack by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.
Yahoo! Research Spot Workshop on Recommender Systems
August 26 2004, Yahoo! Research, Pasadena, CA, USA
Markets in Uncertainty: Risk, Gambling, and Information Aggregation (5MB PPT)
July 26 2004, San Jose, CA, USA, presented at the Nineteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Yahoo! Research Spot Workshop on 'New Markets, New Economics'
May 5 2004, Yahoo! Research, Pasadena, CA, USA
Commentary The Good Side of the 'Terror Futures' Idea (Yes, There is One)
Link Aero GP
Aerial combat sports league. Competition featuring air racing, bombing, and dog fighting with virtual weapons systems.
Aero GP news, photos, and links in My Web
Study Winners Don't Take All: Modeling the Competition for Links on the Web
Divergence from pure power law distributions on the Web and in Web communities
Study The Real Power of Artificial Markets
Studying Web market games
Nobel web Co-occurences
Fun fact: There are two places on the web where my name co-occurs with the name of a Nobel laureate


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